Content Manager

Job Description

Posted on: 
November 10, 2023

We are looking for a savvy Content Manager to guide and develop the content creation process for our brand. As a content specialist, you will be required to research and define desired target audiences, manage the content creation and publishing process, and monitor consumer and content metrics. To ensure success as a content specialist, you should show a keen eye for detail and be highly creative. A skilled content specialist should be an expert storyteller and possess excellent knowledge of consumer and content trends. This role is also synonymous with being our in-house copywriter and editor.

Job Responsibilities

  • Meeting with the creative, marketing, and design teams to ideate and define content goals.
  • Researching content and consumer trends to ensure that content is relevant and appealing.
  • Developing content strategies to effectively reach the desired target audience and marketing goals.
  • Creating content for a variety of platforms including blogs, websites, and social media.
  • Proofreading and editing content before publishing.
  • Working knowledge and appreciation of how AI content tools assist in maximizing content output.
  • Ensuring that SEO and SMO strategies are effectively implemented.
  • Managing content calendars and ensuring that the content remains consistent across all platforms.
  • Tracking consumer and content analytics (contributions of gated content marketing capture leads and trending page data.
  • Support the development and creation of reports and presentations for internal and external audiences.
  • Keeping up to date with content trends, consumer preferences, and advancements in technology.
  • Assist Sr. Brand Marketing Manager with thought leadership execution and ensuring brand integrity.

Job Requirements

  • A minimum of five years of experience in content creation, marketing, communications, or similar.
  • A portfolio of published work.
  • Ability to self-edit written work.
  • Ability to demonstrate working knowledge of tools such as ChatGPT, Jasper.AI, etc.
  • Familiarity with content management systems such as WordPress, Webflow, etc.
  • Good knowledge of content and layout design tools such as Adobe InCopy and InDesign.
  • Excellent computer skills with MS Office and Google Suite.
  • Good knowledge of various content platforms such as social media, blogs, and print media.
  • Strong understanding of content practices such as SEO, SMO, and PPC.
  • A proven track record of excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • And overall, the love of the written word and its power to propel a brand.

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