Content Marketing Lead

Job Description

Posted on: 
September 26, 2023

We’re looking for a Content Marketing Lead to help us tell the amazing story of Glide. You’ll be part of an early-stage Marketing team, building our content marketing motion. You’ll be responsible for managing content marketing and social media operations.

You’ll guide the strategy, facilitate ongoing content planning, manage day-to-day content creation, editing, and promotion, and report on the results of each content marketing project. You will own and enforce Glide’s brand voice, ensuring a consistent tone across all channels.

The ideal candidate will be ready to hit the ground running and has content marketing experience in early-stage startups.

You will:

  • Conduct research to build the content marketing strategy (e.g., competitors’ content strategy, target audience, keywords, key demographics, online behavior, etc.).
  • Design our content marketing strategy and plans, including measurable goals, topics, target audience, type of content to be created, distribution plan, and budgeting.
  • Create and manage our content and social media calendars, aligning with the broader planning, processes, and tools used by the Marketing team.
  • Create content (e.g., blog posts, customer stories, surveys, social media posts, etc.) and partner with other members of the team on video ideas or website copy.
  • Edit and proofread content created by other members of the Marketing team (e.g., product announcements, email copy, community posts, video scripts, PR announcements).
  • Repurpose and successfully distribute content across channels (e.g., SEO, email, social media, paid advertising, etc.).
  • Develop content marketing KPIs and regularly report on overall or initiative-specific metrics.

Job Responsibilities

Definitely mention if you have...

  • A Glide app that you’ve built and want to show off.
  • A portfolio of content you want to share - we’d love to see a variety of types of content.
  • A passion for technology, no-code tools, AI, and actively keep up with news, content, and events in this area.
  • Worked on B2B SaaS or developer products before.
  • SEO experience.
  • Strong data analysis skills.

Job Requirements

This job might be perfect for you if...

  • You have 5+ years of relevant work experience in Content Marketing.
  • You are an amazing storyteller.
  • You have exemplary writing, editing, and communication skills.
  • You love repurposing and distributing as much as you love creating content.
  • You have solid experience writing about technical products for a wide range of audiences, including fairly technical groups.
  • Glide is a no-code tool, but it’s also deeply connected to technical topics like spreadsheets, databases, automations, and AI. If you are not fluent in, or not confident that you can become fluent in these topics, this role is not for you.

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