Content Marketing Specialist

Job Description

Posted on: 
February 13, 2024

At Intercom we believe in the power of producing quality content to grow our business. Over the past decade Intercom has built a reputation for publishing some of the most thoughtful and insightful content in the software industry with our blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, guides, and social media content. Those publications have also generated thousands of new leads for Intercom. We’re now looking for an Content Marketing Specialist to join our team in Dublin and help us take our content marketing to the next level.

You will contribute to our flagship Intercom blog and newsletters, which are recognized in the industry as a go-to source of invaluable information on customer service, AI, product and design. You’ll also work on content for our social channels, podcasts, gated content such as books and guides, and a range of other projects that will help attract potential customers to Intercom.

We don’t do content marketing in the usual formulaic and boring way. We strive to publish articles, record podcasts and write books of the highest quality possible, that our readers will find interesting and valuable.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create high-quality content for our newsletters, blog, and social media channels.
  • Own the production of our regular newsletters, and find innovative ways to promote them to grow our audience.
  • Produce compelling keyword-focused content to generate organic search traffic.
  • Supporting the editorial production process – from proofreading copy to writing headlines to preparing visual assets.
  • Help colleagues from teams around Intercom effectively share their knowledge and insights through a variety of media.
  • You’ll optimize our processes so that we continue to produce high quality content as efficiently as possible.
  • You will help devise and implement strategies sharing our content far and wide. You’ll have creative ideas about how we can grow our audience through novel distribution and promotion tactics.

Job Requirements

You need excellent writing and editing skills, an enthusiasm for digital marketing and an interest in how software is changing the world.  

We’d also like you to have:

  • At least three years professional experience, with at least two in a writing/editing/creator role.
  • Skills in newsletter promotion and social media content production.
  • Experience with content production tools such as the following:  
  • CRMs (eg Wordpress)
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO tools (eg AHRefs)
  • Audience research tools (eg Sparktoro)
  • Email marketing tools (eg Marketo or Mailchimp)
  • Design and image editing software (eg Figma)

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