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January 19, 2024

We’ve already built early success with our inbound content, incredible virtual events, and rock-solid product-market fit.

We’re going to keep blowing up our content, swing bigger with events, and expand our content distribution in 2024.

For this role, we’re looking for someone who can help us create exceptional organic content including long-form email newsletters, research reports filled with unique insights, landing pages, video scripts, and the occasional ad campaign concept.

We serve DTC and ecommerce brands who make a lot of ads and are always looking for ways to increase their performance with TikTok, Meta, and YouTube advertising.

Our audience loves learning about advertising formats, new tactics in ad platforms, and performance marketing strategies.

Having an interest in performance advertising and DTC ad trends is critical as we need to produce exceptional educational content to stand out.

The best person for this role is a writer by trade. And as a writer, you understand that anyone can write words. What matters in B2B is finding original, business-changing insights and stories that other people miss.

You know how to conduct qualitative research, find the story, and above all—deliver incredible recommendations that people can immediately apply to improve their DTC or ecom advertising strategy.

The best person for this role is comfortable mastering the fast-moving world of DTC advertising. There is a lot of noise in this space, people need tactical advice not marketing pontifications, and asking ChatGPT for the answers—that ain’t gonna cut it.

You’ll need natural curiosity, combined with investigative journalist research techniques and top-tier writing skills.

Your job will be to uncover the best techniques from real operators in the DTC world, crystallize that knowledge into compelling hooks, and deliver exceptional educational content that helps our customers do their jobs better.

Bonus points if you’re interested in using first-party data (with help from analysts) to craft original research and benchmarks.

You’ll have lots of support to achieve all these things. And plenty of room to pitch new ideas for content programs, the space to think and write, and design and video resources to bring your insights to life.

Job Responsibilities

Write Thumbstop issues: Thumbstop is our weekly newsletter that is read by Heads of Growth and creative strategists at ecom and DTC brands. We aim to produce high-quality, original research that competitors can’t easily copy.

Weekly social posts: once we’ve created content, we need to transpose it into different social platforms. You’ll build your LinkedIn and Twitter writing skills with regular output.

Write our Creative Benchmarks Report: We want to turn our 1st party data into an original research report that we release bi-yearly. This involves defining the research questions, working with an analyst to pull data, and finding the big story to bring to our audience.

Video scripts & feature launches: you’ll use your concepting muscles to write exciting video scripts, landing pages, and social copy for product launches.

Pitch ideas & content series: you’ve got lots of ideas, so if you’re thinking about a new content series, let’s find more resources to make it a reality.

You’ll have a lot of support as you figure things out.

We are all low-ego people and collaborative.

You’ll report to our Head of Content and have design, web development, and video resources.  

Job Requirements

  • You’re a writer first. You hunt for big ideas and original insights.  
  • You’re a skilled qualitative researcher with some interest in statistics and data analysis.
  • You’re good at working with sales and customer success teams to source insights.
  • You ship work and hit deadlines like a pro.
  • 5+ years in B2B content marketing roles
  • Bonus points: you’ve worked for a DTC brand, ecommerce company, or performance marketing agency.

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