Content Marketing Manager

Job Description

Posted on: 
February 13, 2024

As a Content Marketing Manager at SPOTIO, you will play a key role in creating and promoting compelling content to drive brand awareness, engage our target audience, and support our marketing initiatives. This position offers an excellent opportunity for an individual looking to develop their skills in content creation, digital marketing, and brand management.

Job Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the marketing team to develop and execute content strategies aligned with our brand's objectives.
  • Manage the content calendar to track the content production, distribution, workflows and publishing schedules of our original .
  • Create engaging and informative content across various platforms, including blog posts, website copy, email newsletters, social media posts ( across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn (possibly TikTok)), and video scripts.
  • Conduct research to gather insights and stay updated on industry trends and best practices.
  • Write clear, concise, and persuasive copy that reflects our brand voice and resonates with our target audience.
  • Ensure all content is optimized for search engines (SEO) and aligned with relevant keywords and topics.
  • Maintain brand consistency across all content, ensuring it aligns with our brand voice, style, and guidelines.

Job Requirements

  • 3+ years of experience in content marketing, copywriting, or related roles.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong copywriting and editing abilities, with a keen eye for detail.
  • Creative thinking and ability to generate innovative content ideas.
  • Strong organizational skills, ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, and meet deadlines.
  • Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, journalism, or a related field.
  • Experience with analytics tools to track and measure content performance.
  • Familiarity with content management systems (CMS) and basic HTML.
  • Basic understanding of SEO best practices and content optimization techniques.
  • Proficient in using social media platforms and content promotion tools.
  • Experience with basic design and video editing.
  • Familiarity with HubSpot (or any email automation platform) and Catalyst is a bonus.

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